Global One Box - Internet Content For Rural Areas


Advanced global cellular Internet technology permits the delivery of high quality content throughout any cellular service provider coverage area. The Global One Box solves the problem of the "Last Mile" bringing OTT, web browsing, social networking, streaming video and e-mail services to any school, household or business with cellular coverage. Use any standard television to view videos and Internet OTT Content. Advanced Cellular Education.

The Global One Box and CLX-R01 QWERTY remote control combine to make this a full featured Global One Box .

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Designed for use with any television the Celadon Global One Box includes cables to connect via HDMI, S-Video or Composite Video with up to 1080p quality. Supports 480i/480p, 576 i/576p, 720p and 1080i/1080p and will connect with any analog television, PAL or NTSC. An audio line-out connector is available if analog TV is required. Watch high quality video content on a television using a cell signal. Video from Internet sources.

Also play local content such as music, pictures and movies from USB port, Hard Drive or the SD card slot.

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The Celadon Global One Box is designed to deliver broadband media content to users in global rural regions where landline cable-based solutions do not exist or are not cost effective. OTT Content, TVE - TV Everywhere, HD Video, Audio.

The Global One Box platform has a full featured media center derived from XBMC and HTML5 browser. Browse the Internet, watch online content, email, access social media. 3G TVE, TV Everywhere.
Internet on a TV using a 3G Cellular Network Connection.

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Full OTT Internet and Local Media Content on any TV for everyone, everywhere. Rural or Urban areas.
Bringing the Internet to Everyone.


• Expand customer base by reaching the Last Mile customers

• Full media center and Internet on any TV, OTT, TVE - HDMI, S-Video, composite video, USB, SD Card

• Watch mobile content on your larger screen television. The television is the monitor. Lower equipment costs.

• 3G Data SIM card + any television + Global One Box = very high quality video and Internet content in rural areas

• Mobile cellular video content on a tv screen

• Custom configurations for Telco operator, broadcast and content specific requirements

• High power design for increased cellular range and distance coverage for customers - better range, speed and picture quality than a 3G USB or HDMI Dongle. Specifically designed for rural areas. Provide Internet to Rural Areas.

• Fully field upgradeable using cellular mobile connection

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• Digital (HDMI) and Analog (PAL, NTSC) output

• 2D/3D Hardware accelerator, 1080p


• Multiple TV connectivity options

• Designed for extended temperature range climates

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