Global One Box - Internet Content For Rural Areas

The Global One Box
Local and Mobile Cellular Content for Rural Areas
OTT TVE Cellular Internet Browsing Technology

Expand Customer Base, Increase Revenue

Expand customer base by reaching the "Last Mile" customers

While many customers reside in locations where wired broadband is available via DSL and Cable, hundreds of millions of customers reside and work in areas where wired broadband is unavailable and is unlikely to be available due to the high costs to expand the infrastructure.

The Global One Box solves this issue by allowing customers to have full high speed access to broadband services via a cellular network. Cellular network and OTT content providers can greatly expand their customer base and reach rural areas or areas where land lines are nonexistent.

Full Media Center and Internet Experience for Customers

Full Media Center and Internet on any TV

The Global One Box is a full featured multimedia cellular STB. The XBMC platform will play local content such as movies, music and photos directly from a USB Flash Drive Memory stick, HD attached to the USB port, or SD Memory Card. The Global One Box will output video and audio to a television in either Digital (HDMI) or Analog (PAL, NTSC) signals with up to 1080p HD quality depending on the televisions capabilities. The picture quality is outstanding.

The Global One Box includes an HTML5 Internet Browser allowing full access to the Internet via a 3G cellular connection (via SIM card). Cellular Internet allows browsing websites, e-mail, accessing OTT content and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Any television can be used as the display for all local and Internet content viewing.

Custom Modifications for Specific Telco Operator Network and UI Requirements

Custom Telco-Specific Requirements

The Global One Box is built on a Linux platform utilizing XBMC and HTML5. The Global One Box can be customized for telco mobile cellular provider specifications and country specific UI such as language, graphics, splash screen, local start screen and many other options.

The user will obtain an appropriate data SIM card from their Telco operator for access to the Telco network. Advanced customization for Telco requirements are available. Please contact us for details.

High Power Design for Increased Cellular Communication

High Power Design for Full Cellular Range Coverage

The Global One Box uses a 12VDC power source. It can be powered via 120/240VSC 50/60HZ power supply or 12VDC power source such as an automotive battery. This feature allows the Global One Box to have more power available than the standard hand-held cellular phone, cellular modem dongle or cellular capable hand held device. More power means more range. More range means more coverage area and so more customers. Powered from a12VDC power source such as an automotive battery allows alternative power sources in off-grid and rural areas or mobile applications (cars, trucks etc.)

Field Upgradeable

Fully Field Upgradeable

We understand the necessity of feature upgrades and the ability to service firmware with minimal burden to the user. The Global One Box can be fully field upgradeable via the Cellular Network. Upgrade options will be made available to the user and they can choose to upgrade via their Global One Box Upgrade menu option.

Full Environment Temperature Range

Designed for use in Temperatures Found from the Equator to the Arctic and Antarctic Circles

Designed for the AMEA market we understand that temperature ranges can vary widely and will sometimes be in ranges beyond the specifications of some devices. We have designed the Global One Box to operate effectively and efficiently in these sometimes harsher temperature environments. Standard operating temperature ranges for the Global One Box are 0C to 50C, 95% humidity.

QWERTY Keyboard Remote Control

Hand Held QWERTY Keyboard Remote Control for Navigation and Keyboard Commands

The provided QWERTY Keyboard Remote Control is a full featured keyboard remote control with keyboard and mouse functions as well as standard navigation and multimedia controls.

The user can easily control the multimedia features of the Global One Box using standard navigation buttons, as well as access the Internet to type e-mails, access social media sites and watch Internet based content.

The remote control comes in two versions; one using AAA batteries, and one using supercapacitor technology charged via the USB port on the Global One Box . Not requiring batteries is desirable in locations where batteries are expensive or hard to locate. Not requiring batteries is a very green option.

Global Access to Full Internet Content

Utilizing Global Cellular Network Technology, OTT and Standard Internet Content is Available to Everyone, Everywhere - TVE, TV Everywhere

EDUCATION - Schools without land based broadband can now access educational content, or any content, available on the Internet. All that is required is a Global One Box and a Television (Analog or Digital). Teachers can now show Internet based educational content to students on a classroom television or capable monitor. Students and teachers can access subject specific content and lectures whether local (on USB Flash Drive) or on the Internet (Wiki, topical websites, local educational content sites, global education content websites, news sites etc.)

BUSINESS - Businesses operating in regions not currently covered by land based broadband now have the ability to access content on the Internet as well as communications through e-mail using a Global One Box and a television. The larger screen of a television will allow for businesses to show content to multiple employees or customers. Show current reports, news broadcasts, company training, and more.

PERSONAL - Family home content using the family television. No personal computer is needed. The Global One Box only requires a TV or monitor. Now families or individuals can watch content from the Internet on a larger screen than their cell phone. Access OTT content, streaming video, music, and even social media sites.

ENTERTAINMENT - Quality OTT content is becoming available from many sources. Movies, documentaries, television shows, Internet videos and more. Music and pod-cast content is also available. The Global One Box technology allows for high definition video content and high quality audio content to be viewed over a cellular connection on any television.

Fully Mobile

Move the Global One Box Anywhere with the Cellular Network Range

The Global One Box is not tethered to a specific location. Since the Global One Box uses Cellular Technology (3G) the Global One Box can be moved and transported to other locations. Whether this be from classroom to classroom, or one business location to another, one apartment to the next, the Global One Box allows the user to bring the system with them. Moving apartments or home location is not a problem since the Global One Box can be relocated to anywhere within the cellular providers network coverage range. The user keeps the same telco mobile cellular plan and carrier while still maintaining mobility as they move from location to location.

This allows for businesses to bring local or Internet based content from location to location, business meeting room to board room, site to site. Schools can easily move the Global One Box from classroom to classroom, or local school to a different local school for shared use.