Global One Box - Internet Content For Rural Areas

The Global One Box
Local and Mobile Cellular Content for Rural Areas, Everywhere

Global One Box Overview - OTT TVE Box

The Global One Box , an OTT TVE Box, is designed to deliver broadband media services from a telecommunications operator to individual users in developing countries, rural regions and urban areas using 3G cellular service. The platform has a full featured media center derived from XBMC and an HTML5 web browser. The Global One Box is a 3G to TV device with the ability to also play local, user supplied content via USB or SD card. The Global One Box provides Internet on TV for email, social media, news, education, business. All content, Internet based and local, is displayed on a standard television.

The Global One Box is an OTT Content (Over the Top Content) HD video and audio distribution device that uses a cellular mobile connection and a television. This is the new generation of TVE (Television Everywhere) devices with high definition video output over a cellular network. It is an OTT Box and TVE Box - all in one - The Global One Box . Connect on a cellular network and watch and listen to content available on the Internet, or, play local content from a USB stick or Hard Drive.

The system displays output on either an analog television (PAL or NTSC) or a digital television (HDMI). A QWERTY keyboard/remote control is provided with the system as well as other accessories.

We understand cellular range can be an issue. The Celadon Global One Box OTT TVE Box has been designed to utilize a 12V power source to boost the range for receiving cellular 3G signals. This range increases beyond that of a typical battery powered mobile phone. Greater range means wider customer access in areas where cellular signals may be weaker using standard cell phone.

Front Panel Features

CLS-140 Cellular Netwrok Media Center Front Panel

The front panel of the Celadon Global One Box OTT TVE Cellular Media Center has an alternate action power switch with a blue LED indicating that the unit is plugged into the mains outlet and whether the unit is powered on and operating.

Next to the power switch is a window for an infrared (IR) detector used by the CLX-R01 QWERTY keyboard remote control.

A USB port is provided for adding specialized peripherals such as storage USB stick containing photos, audio music and video content.

A SD Flash port is also provided for accessing local content, such as personal photos, stored on a SD card, movies and music.

Back Panel Features

CLS-140 Global One Box Back Panel

The back panel of the Celadon Global One Box OTT TVE Box has an SMA RF connector for attaching a multiband GSM antenna (whip antenna provided). A remote antenna can also be connected to the Global One Box instead of the provided whip antenna.

A SIM card connector is located on the back panel and is for placement of an appropriate operator cellular SIM APN card.

A HDMI connector is provided for HDMI capable televisions and monitors.

A DIN-4 connector is provided for analog TV output (both S-Video and Composite video cables are available).

An audio line-out connector is available if analog TV is required (3.5mm to L/R RCA connectors).

A 12VDC power port for delivering power to the Global One Box from a low-power wall mounted power adapter (120/240 VAC 50/60Hz to 12VDC).

CLX-R01 QWERTY Keyboard Remote Control
CLX-R01 Global One Box QWERTY Keyboard Remote Control

There are two versions of the remote control: one that requires 2 AAA batteries and one which utilizes an ultra-capacitor, in lieu of a traditional alkaline battery, and can be charged via the USB port on the front of the Global One Box .

The CLX-R01 remote control provides all of the text and control functions that are required to browse the web, watch videos, listen to music and show photos.


The Global One Box enclosure is an aluminum extrusion with aluminum front and back panels as has been design to accommodate the wide range of temperature, humidity and dust that exists from from the Equator to the Arctic/Antarctic circles.

Optional Cables Provided

The following cables may be provided:

HDMI: HDMI cable
DIN-4: S-Video Cable
DIN-4: Composite Video Cable
3.5mm: L/R (Red/White) RCA cable
SCART Adapter (France)


The Global One Box is field upgradeable under control of the user. Under the "System" menu there is a page labeled "Field Upgrades." If there are upgrades available for the unit they will be displayed there along with new features or other firmware changes included with each unit. The user may choose to upgrade their unit on this menu. If they do, the upgrade will happen immediately (after suitable screen announcements).

Custom User Interface Available

Optional changes to the screen displays are available. Language sets, graphic designs. and other UI features can be modified and changed to meet the requirements of specific telcos and countries. Please contact us for details.